Place of Event: UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France.
Date of Event: June 9 – 11 2015

Access, equity and quality learning are key features shaping the new vision for the Post-2015 education agenda. Higher education is central to the future global sustainable development agenda and to helping countries, particularly developing ones, achieve “equitable, quality education and lifelong learning for all by 2030”.

UNESCO is organizing, in partnership with the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), a Global High Level Policy Forum on Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education for the Future We Want. From Statements to Action: Equity, Access, and Quality Learning Outcomes.

The Forum will bring together some 120 leaders and decision makers from around the world, including senior officials of education ministries and policy makers in higher education; academic staff; representatives of teacher associations and student organizations; UNESCO Chairs in ICT/ODL; Ed-Tech industry; global and regional networks; researchers; as well as leading non-governmental organizations in the field.

The presentation analyses a database of good-practice interventions in improving access and participation in Higher Education, collected by the IDEAS project, with the intention of determining if and how technology can contribute towards improving access to, and participation in Higher Education around the world.