The key factors in figure 4 were the result of a qualitative and qualitative analysis of the performance of 10 urban higher education institutions. The evaluation generated a set of factors for inclusive institutional policy that (may) have worked for improving academic success and factors that (may) have hampered. These factors were  presented  as  points  of  departure  and  are  in  fact  basic  conditions  for  institutions  to  take  into  account  when focusing on improving study performances of a diverse student population and decreasing gaps in performances.  All  these  institutions  have  a  very  diverse  student  population.  Specific  focus  was  on  students  with a migrant background. It can be concluded that there are many contributing factors, but that still have not been able to prove since a consistent and sustainable approach is required and necessary.


Points of departure to develop and enhance an inclusive institutional policy. Source: Model developed by ECHO

The figure below provides  success  factors  and  challenges  that  were  identified  per  key  factor.  These  observations  are  also relevant to the provided cases in the IDEAS database.


Success factors and Challenges per key factor. Source: IDEAS


Success factors and Challenges per key factor. Source: IDEAS