Student tutoring (Practical example from Antwerp University)

Through the project partnerships between University or University colleges and schools were established. Students take reasonability to prepare pupils for the access and working methods within academia. Both sides benefit of this partnership, as students learn to teach and take responsibility and pupils are provided on a very practical level the insight of academia but also in an emotional level might lose the fear of it.

Improving the democratic character of higher education “Democratisering van het hoger onderwijs”

The project targets the underrepresented groups in society in large which are for several different reasons not able to participate in academia. It aims to facilitate the access for pupils of these groups. The project relies mainly in financial grounds.


Place of origin


TX Generation is a community based project aiming at developing public opinion on higher education and increasing interest in it, presenting it as a key for better future. Programme ensures adequate information for future students as well as for parents, and coaches them on possibilities, administrative procedures, future perspectives, motivation.

University of Brighton Compact Plus Programme

The Compact Plus Program aims to encourage learners from underrepresented and non-traditional groups to progress to higher education. To this end the University employs a tight targeting mechanism to ensure that learners who need the most support receive it. The Plus Programme is a relationship with the individual student and their parents or carers, and provides a number of intensive support opportunities designed to raise aspirations and attainment.