Effective Approaches to Enhancing the Social Dimension of Education

By identifying effective and efficient approaches to improve the social dimension in higher education, this publication presents examples of good practice with proven quantitative and qualitative successes. In the report, which brings together the entire work of the project over the last 2.5 years, the partners provide the necessary data and frameworks of tested experience to inspire (higher) education institutions in particular, other stakeholders like governments (local & national) and foundations to translate, implement and replicate. This publication summarises the outputs of all the other outputs of the project listed below.

Download the publication here.

Final Analysis of Case Studies

The final analysis report contains:
• the typology of case studies
• the results of the in-depth analysis
• A summary presentation of the featured cases (chosen by step 2 of the methodology described in chapter 1.2 )

Download the final analysis here

Policy White Paper

Following the results of policy makers and stakeholder seminar, a policy white paper will be authored in order that stakeholders and policy makers alike, will have access to concrete proposals which have been proven to be successful or which, based on the research conducted, address the barriers which have so far not been tackled. The policy white paper will be included in the IDEAS Toolkit.

Download the Policy White Paper Here

The IDEAS Toolkit

The IDEAS Toolkit will be a practical guide to replicating the most efficient initiatives in different environments. It will describe the initiatives, target groups, actors involved in the implementation, and enabling factors in detail, and provide practical examples as to how to introduce and manage them in collaboration with or within Higher Education Institutions. It will thus promote the multiplication of these initiatives at local and national level.


Download the Toolkit in English, French or German.

IDEAS Brochure

As part of dissemination activities the IDEAS Project has produced a brochure.

You may download the 2015 brochure here
You may download the 2014 brochure here

Final Public Project Report

The project report gives a summary of all project activities, processes, conclusions and future plans as per the grant application. It is a formal requirement of the grant agreement, and is used to provide evidence of the project to the European Commission as well as to the general public.

Download the final public project report here