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The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) is an independent social science research, consultancy and training organisation. Established in 1947, the Institute seeks to apply social science ideas and methods to problems of policy and practice; change and innovation; and organisational analysis and design. The wider aims of the Institute encompass the study of human relations in conditions of well-being, conflict and chage, in the community, the work group and the larger organisation, and the promotion of the effectiveness of individuals and organisations.

Why we are participating in IDEAS?

IDEAS is an important project for the TIHR and contributes to its mission of improving equity in social systems. The TIHR team allocated to this project draw on their diverse experience in Higher Education, working with socially excluded groups and services that support them, designing and implementing tool kits for equity (e.g. community conflict, equality impact, mental wellbeing impact assessments) supporting change, innovation and replication and coproduction.

Our role in the project

The TIHR leads on the overall coordination of IDEAs and draws on a team of researchers/consultants and support staff to contribute to all areas of research, analysis, the development of the toolkit andits promotion.

Our project team

Dr Sadie King, Senior Researcher and Consultant

Dr Kerstin Jung, Principal Researcher and Consultant

Leslie Brissett, Company Secretary and Consultant

Giorgia Iacopini, Senior Researcher and Consultant

Coreene Archer, Head of Operations and Internal Communications and Researcher Consultant